Modern & Safe

Playground Grass in Downtown & Avery Ranch

National Greens of Austin Texas creates modern and safe playgrounds for children of all ages. We specialize in fall-safe play zones surrounding playground equipment of all types. Our synthetic playground grass in Avery Ranch and Downtown sits over different layers of cushioning to protect from injuries like concussions and abrasions.

Playground Surface in Steiner Ranch

We use modern astroturf in Circle Ranch which does not heat up in the sun the way many synthetic turfs do. This keeps your children cool and comfortable in the hot Texas sun. Austin schools, daycares, public parks, and many other areas can benefit from the playground surface in Steiner Ranch that National Greens of Austin provides.

Astroturf in Circle Ranch

Our company utilizes advanced drainage systems so there is never any standing water or dirt on the grass itself. This means children don’t bring wet muddy feet back into buildings. It also means children can play without destroying the ground around the equipment or getting wet.
Synthetic grass for Austin playground areas is also good because it is hypoallergenic and can make playing much safer for children with allergies. Synthetic grass can be used with new playground installations or added around equipment that already exists. Contact us today for more information on synthetic grass for your Austin Texas playground.