The cold wave in February 2021 kept Austin below freezing for exactly six days. Camp Mabry recorded 6.4 inches of snow on February 15, 2021. But all of that was a scary anomaly. The last time Austin recorded measurable snowfall before that 2021 stretch was in December of 2017, according to the National Weather Service. Austin is known for great weather year-round. Other than the hot months of July and August, most residents would rather be outside than cooped up indoors. Golf is a great American pastime that we always want to play through rain, snow, sleet or shine. National Greens of Austin has the solutions.

Indoor synthetic turf and putting green applications are very similar to their outdoor counterparts. The biggest difference is that there’s no need to account for weather. But the possibilities with indoor golf applications are just as wide, depending on space and ceiling height. Many of our clients want bunkers and chipping areas with their indoor putting green applications. The cups are shallow enough that no drilling or digging into the floor is necessary. However some clients desire deeper cups to ensure the ball stays in those high-grade slopes. National Greens of Austin has solutions for that as well, with minimal invasiveness. We can literally build a putt-putt-style indoor synthetic golf green or an indoor version of the 18th hole at Cimarron Hills in Georgetown. The possibilities are endless.

National Greens of Austin applies all the latest technology with our 30 years of experience building and designing synthetic turf putting greens. Highly-durable styrofoam wedges are strategically placed to create the undulations underneath the artificial turf. The same techniques and materials are used on some of the most challenging holes at top golf courses across the country. Some of our most complex applications in larger homes and business complexes feature sand bunkers, waterfalls and vegetation surrounding both the hole and fairway.

We’ve built indoor putting greens for homes, schools, churches, and businesses. The most pressing question typically revolves around which room to build the indoor artificial turf putting green. Many clients utilize unused areas of the basements. Others prefer to move the cars out to the driveway and build the indoor putting green in their heated and cooled garage. We’ve even built rooftop putting greens for those with that type of home floor plan. Anything within reason, space allocation and budget is possible with National Greens of Austin.