Austin and the surrounding areas are home to over 30 golf courses, including Palmer Lakeside and Slick Rock. But Austin is also known for backyard golf and indoor courses at some of the aforementioned corporations. National Greens of Austin is the preeminent putting green installer and designer in Travis County. Our construction processes and attention to detail (and world-class customer service) are the reasons National Greens of Austin is trusted by golf enthusiasts both here and beyond.

We start by shaping the desired grade (undulations of your golf green), followed by compacting and pinning Geotextile fabric over the surface before laying down the turf. Crushed granite is utilized in layering the surface. Our patented shock absorbing foam is perfect for chip shots on indoor greens, providing realistic ball reactions. Ultimately the shape and surface of the green is the result of layering fine granite until it resembles concrete.

Our Slit Film Premier Golf Playing Surface™ is the best-in-class artificial turf for golf surfaces. Finely slit, tightly spun fibers react to outside stimuli (e.g. golf balls rolling over it), creating a perfectly-modeled surface. The sand infill “activates” by falling to the bae of the turf in response to the stimuli. Sanding and brushing the fibers allows them to unwind, spread and fill with sand during the process. It is a meticulous process that is done by highly-trained National Greens of Austin professionals.

National Greens recognized a glaring need for synthetic turf and putting green services in the Austin area. The city consistently ranks in the top 50 by reputable sources for U.S. golf cities. Austin is fast-becoming the new Silicon Valley as tech firms are moving away from high taxes and bureaucracy of California to Austin. Thus there’s been an influx of young professionals moving to the area. Millennial and Gen Z tech workers don’t necessarily feel welcome at some of the more traditional courses in the city and would rather entertain friends and clients in their own backyards. That’s where National Greens of Austin comes into the picture.

National Greens of Austin utilizes interactive design and build processes to keep clients fully engaged throughout the process of building their custom putting greens. Our team absolutely loves what we do and you’ll recognize that enthusiasm throughout the process. But our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We cater to all clients and work within your budgets and timeframes. Thus it’s only fitting that we also cater to all levels of golf skill when building and designing synthetic turf putting greens.