Indoor golf simulators literally provide endless fun and entertainment. You can play 18-holes at Apple Rock one afternoon, then play the same course that the pros do at Augusta National for The Masters. The technology is remarkably accurate and truly makes you feel like you’re right there at the respective golf course. In fact most PGA tour professionals practice each course from home on their indoor golf simulators. Golf Digest toured the home of Tiger Woods, including his indoor golf simulator. Woods said during the interview “I spend more time here [on the simulator] then I do on the actual golf course.”

We’ve all seen them at our favorite local pubs, in shopping malls and even at some golf courses. Indoor golf simulators have taken the United States by storm. Businesses report tens and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra revenues after installing indoor golf simulators on the premises. They typically charge patrons by the hour or per round of golf.

National Greens of Austin designs and builds custom indoor golf simulators to fit your space and budget. Practice driving, chipping and putting from the comfort of your home without worrying about weather. But honestly, most of our clients use their indoor golf simulators as a centerpiece for home entertainment. Incorporate any of the most popular software providers, including The Golf Club, E6 Connect, QED Refine and FSX by Foresight Sports. Contact National Greens of Austin today for a consultation.